The Piranhas Masters Swim Team founded in 2005 is a United States Masters Swimming group of approximately 25 members that practices at the Pompano Beach Aquatic Center during weekday mornings. Practices are Monday through Friday morning from 6-8 am at the Pompano Beach Aquatic Center which is located just north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For City of Pompano Beach residents, the monthly masters fee is $35. For non-residents, the monthly fee is $45. Checks are due the first week of the month payable to the City of Pompano Beach.  Masters members can freely access the Pompano Beach Aquatic Center during lap swim times.


  • Monday through Friday: 6-8am practice, 8am-8pm lap swim
  • Saturday, Sunday: no practice, 9am – 4:30pm lap swim

Practice Details
All practices are supervised by a coach-lifeguard who provides a workout and technical tips. Sets are written on a white board and/or given verbally by the coach. Distances and time sendoffs vary depending on lane.  The fastest intervals are at 1 minute 20 second pace per hundred yard freestyle while most swimmers train at a 2 minute pace per hundred yards.  The total distance swum in a normal practice is between 3,000 to 4,500 yards.  While ostensibly practices last two hours, most if not all swimmers leave after an hour. And the pool usually opens early. Swimmers range from young triathletes looking to improve their swimming skills to elderly competitive swimmers to injured athletes looking to rehabilitate. Practice attendance is usually between 5 and 15 swimmers. Our club falls under the Local Masters Swim Club (LMSC) of the Florida Gold Coast.


The aquatic complex is about a 20 minute drive north from downtown Fort Lauderdale. When arriving from the south, take Federal Highway north, and turn left (west) onto Northeast 6th Street in Pompano Beach.  When driving from the north, take Federal Highway south, and turn right onto Northeast 6th Street.  Then, turn north onto Northeast 18th Street and wind around into the complex.  There are tennis courts surrounding the pool.  Parking is free.  You can also enter and exit the complex via Northeast 10th Street.  Please see this Google Map for map directions.

Steps to Join

  1. Drop in on a masters team practice (see the schedule).
  2. Try out swimming with us for a couple weeks.
  3. Come by between 9am to 5pm on a week day and fill out the City of Pompano Beach Aquatic Center registration form.
  4. Deliver a monthly check for $35 (pompano resident) or $45 (non-resident) to one of the coaches at practice.

Aquatic Complex Details

The swimming complex includes two pools: a small, T-shaped, 25 meter by 25 yard pool and a large, L-shaped, 50 meter by 25 yard pool.  During masters practice, the small pool is rigged for 25 meters while the large pool alternates every four weeks between being rigged transversely as a 25 yard pool with many lanes and a diving well at the far end or being rigged longitudinally for 50 meters. The small 25 meter pool is heated very warm between 84 and 88 degrees Farenheit while the large 25 yard by 50 meter pool is kept between 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for competitive swimming. The water is clear and crisp.  Please fan the Pompano Beach Aquatic Center Facebook Page for daily updates of the water temperatures and weather conditions.

Other Programs

We share the Pompano Beach Aquatic Center with other water exercise groups.  The center offers water aerobics, aquatherapy, age group swimming, infant swimming, private lessons, and seminars for lifeguard/swim coach certifications.  During the winter months, northern colleges escape the snow and enjoy training hard at the center. Periodically throughout the year, foreign club teams arrive and soak up the sun. Please see the City of Pompano website for full details on other programs.


In January 2007, Myrtha Pools finished construction of the L-shaped 50-meter by 25-yard pool with a diving well and shoal, learn to swim area.  This expanded the aquatic center from the existing T-shaped 25-meter by 25-yard pool.  The engineering firm, Corzo Castella Carbello Thompson Salman (C3TS), oversaw the project and designed supporting architecture including the restrooms, locker rooms, concession area, lifeguard break room, ticketing window, office, and equipment room.

More Information

Please see our Facebook group, Piranhas Masters Swim Team, for more information about us or to contact us.  Feel free to drop in any day.  We hope to see you at the pool.